Community Night Agreement


Camp Fire Community Nights are mutually beneficial events designed to connect the local community with the causes and organizations that share our ideas of progress, sustainability, and community development. By opening our restaurant to local organizations, we hope to create new networks for support, awareness, and involvement. In order to ensure a great event, we ask that the following guidelines be understood and agreed upon.


Organizations must complete and submit an application. This can be done by snail mail (paper application), email (, or using our form on our website. We will review applications and contact organizations when we have made a decision.

Please keep in mind that we typically do not support political organizations or organizations whose mission deals with controversial political or religious topics. We favor local organizations that directly benefit our community.

We review applications on a first come, first serve basis. Organizations may not select their date until after their application has been accepted. Community Nights are every Monday evening (excluding major holidays) from 5 PM until close, January through April.

Once you have been approved for a Community Night, we ask that you establish a representative from your organization to be a point of contact, and a presence on the night of your event.

Camp Fire will provide basic promotion for your event. We encourage you to publicize your event through all of your social media, web, and physical channels. Camp Fire will provide planning tips, and we can work with you to help you get the word out.

We highly encourage organizations to create a flyer or banner for their event that we can display in the restaurant in the week leading up to your event.

Organizations will be provided a table to distribute information or collect additional donations. Organizations may plan for a raffle, a silent auction, or some other activity to benefit your cause.

Camp Fire will donate 10% of the evening’s food sales to your organization. We can also discuss a custom menu for your event.

Organizations are responsible for the success of their event, and we recommend publicizing your event as much as possible.

We thank you and your organization for the hard work you do to help our community thrive.

If you have any questions, please contact

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